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General data about the company

Name of the Company: The Egyptian Chemical Industries – KIMA

Date of foundation : 1956

The Legal Form :An Egyptian joint stock company belongs to the chemical industries

Address :Aswan – El Sad El Ally Road

Name of the Factory: Factories for production  nitrogenous fertilizers and the chemical materials

The permitted capital :  2 billion Egyptian pounds

The paid share capital :  1206 million Egyptian pounds

Number of stocks :  241200000 stock

The called value for the stock : 5.00 egyptian pound

The property rights in 30/06/2010  : 357 million egyptian pound

The invested share capital in 30/06/2010 : 477 million egyptian pound

Company start up

 in 22/3/1956 the Council of ministers passed the establishment decree  of KIMA for a capital of LE 16 million distributed on eight million shares with par value of LE each possessed at bperesent by these parties:
       A- The chemical industries  holding company 55 %.
       B- The authorities , banks and the insurance companies 39 %.
       C- Individuals 6 %.

The par value increased  to 5 pounds for the one share on 15/11/2002 that the share capital was then 40 million pound.

The Vital   production  started in 22/05/1960 with a production capacity 1593 ton fertilizer / day making 20.5 % nitrogen equal 2106 ton fertilizer / day 15.50 %.

Was approved to increase the authorized capital of 2 billion pounds, becomes the source and paid to become the 1206 million pounds instead of 16 million pounds by opening a subscription to old shareholders have been underwriting the entire

The actual production started in May 22, 1960 with production capacity 1593 tons of fertilizer / day by 20.5% nitrogen fertilizerequivalent to 2106 tons / day 15.5%

The nitrogen percentage modified in production at  different stage as follow:

Maximum Production Capacity – ton / day Proportion Of Nitrogen Date
1593 %20.5 22/5/1960
 1256  %29 12/11/1964
 1053  %31  7/11/1968
 975  %33.5 20/6/1988


And also added to the fertilizer factory the following:


Maximum Capacity Starting of production Addition
Daily 2.5 ton 1964/3/16 Factory of Hydrochloric acid production
Annually 7500 ton with proportion 75 % 1967/10/1 Factory of Ferrosilicon production
Daily 270 cylinder with capacity 7m3 1973/1/2 Factory of Oxygen mobilization – first and second compressor
Daily 200 ton and the capacity has raised to 300 ton 1998/12/17 Factory of Pure ammonium nitrate  production 34.80 %
Daily 5 ton of silica dust with proportion 92 : 94 2006/7/10 Filters unit of ferrosilicon factory and collecting the silica dust


The company location

(Kima) factories and its residential city had established on a 1107 Acre in the south east of Aswan city with approximately four kilometer.

And the idea of establishing (Kima) in Aswan city came to exploit the electric power that came from the electric station of Aswan Dam year of 1956 for the possibility of exploiting the surplus part from the station power which produce 280 MW.

(Kima) consume approximately 200 : 220 MW and consume the bigger part of that in the electrolysis operations for the water where the raw materials are (the elective – the water – the air).

The fertilizer factory consists of the following sections:

1 Hydrogen production depatment : produce approximately 37000 m³ / h from

       the electrolysis of the water.

2 Nitrogen production depatment :  produce approximately 13000 m³ / h from

      the liquefaction of the water.

3 - Ammonia production depatment : produce approximately 400 ton / day from

     the mixture of Nitrogen and Hydrogen with proportion 1 : 3.

4 – Nitric acid production depatment :produce approximately 1422 ton 53 % /               day from burning half of the produced Ammonia with the air then melting it in the          water.

5 fertilizer and pure ammonium nitrate production depatment : producing             approximately 665 ton of fertilizer 33.50 % of Nitrogen and 300 ton of pure Nitric       Ammonium 34.80 % of Nitrogen lower and higher density daily.

6 bagging depatment : bagging the fertilizer and ammonium nitrate).

7 - general management of water utilities & boiler :  cooling the equipments with       water in a close cycle for rationalization of water consumption.

8 – electricity depatment.

9Sub-depatment : the central laboratories, stores, workshops, training, computer,       sensitive instrumentation workshops, fertilizer and ammonium naitrate stores, the       social services, clinic, Kom Ambo quarry and the river port.

The factories of the company extended with

kima colony consists of housing with different types – mosque – consumer cooperative association – clubs and swimming pool – wedding hall – bakery – primary school – junior high school – secondary school – kinder garden .

cooperative association for residency which built many of projects that the employers can own departments in Cairo, Alexandria, and Aswan.

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